HIGHSIDER DRL CONTROL- BOX CB1, switching daytime running light


DRL CONTROL- BOX CB1 , daytime running light (TFL) control box for cars without light switch, 12V.

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Daytime running light control box for vehicles without light switch.
By installing the DRL CONTROL- BOX CB1 is the correct switching between a HIGHSIDER LED main headlight with integrated daytime running light (TFL) or a conventional main headlight and a separate HIGHSIDER daytime running light (TFL) at the front lighting on the vehicle secured.

According to the regulation, the daytime running light must be connected so that it automatically goes out when the main headlight is switched on.
Since the main headlight is always on in vehicles without a light switch, the function of the HIGHSIDER daytime running light would not be usable correctly.

To ensure correct operation, the DRL CONTROL- BOX CB1 was designed. This BOX ensures in combination with a HIGHSIDER LED headlights with TFL or a conventional headlight with bulb + separate HIGHSIDER TFL the correct functionality of the lighting system on the vehicle.
It is installed between the HIGHSIDER LED main headlight with integrated TFL or between a conventional main headlight and a separate HIGHSIDER TFL and the vehicle electrical system. There will be additionally a separate on/off switch like e.g. 240-044 is required (not included in the scope of delivery).

The function of the parking light that you switch when parking the vehicle via the ignition lock remains fully functional.

Tailor-made for your bike – the extensive accessories from HIGHSIDER is perfectly tailored to your motorcycle.
With a maximum of quality and functionality, you can design your bike so easily according to your wishes.

Length: 48 mm
Width: 28 mm
Height: 14 mm

IN (vehicle electrics):
Yellow = high beam (+)
Blue = low beam (+) ON / OFF switch between
White = parking lights (+)
Red = ignition 15 (+)
Black = ground (-)

OUT (headlights)
Yellow = high beam (+)
Blue = low beam (+)
Black = ground (-)
To the daytime running lights:
White = parking light (+)
Red = daytime running light (+)

Scope of supply: 1 piece

Optional accessories:
Light switch on / off with clamp for handlebar mounting part number 240-044

It is also a separate ON and OFF switch for the DRL CONTROL-BOX required (not included). The rear tail light must always remain switched on, i.e. on ignition plus.

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