HIGHSIDER control indicator


Telltale meter, black or chromed Aluminium housing, also to built in, smoke lens, 5 indicator lights.

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HIGHSIDER control display instrument
Control display instrument with a CNC-milled aluminum housing and tinted glass for installation. In the operating mode, the symbol corresponding to the function is displayed.

The ads at a glance:
2x turn signals
high beam
o oil pressure

This fits you the extensive accessories of HIGHSIDER is perfectly tailored to your motorcycle. With a maximum of quality and functionality you can easily design your bike according to your wishes.

Width: 57 mm
Height: 17,5 mm
Depth: 18 mm

Black cable (ground) + orange cable = turn signal left
Black cable (ground) + blue cable = turn signal right
Black cable (ground) + yellow cable = high beam

If neutral or oil pressure is switched negative: connect gray cable to neutral signal and brown cable to 12V (+)connect green cable to oil pressure signal and purple cable to 12V (+)

If neutral or oil pressure is switched positive: connect brown cable to neutral signal and grey cable to ground (-)connect purple cable to oil pressure signal and green cable to ground (-)

Supplied with: 1 piece

Optionally available:
Fitting aluminum clamp for 1 inch (25.4 mm) and 7/8 inch (22 mm) handlebars: Item No. 305-011
Available in a variety of body colors.

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black, chrome

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