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product development
Everything under one roof.

At Paaschburg & Wunderlich we believe that the development of our own products has many positive effects. We are able to realize trends and products desired by our customers quickly and in the high quality we are accustomed to. For this reason, the product development department has been significantly enlarged in recent years and equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware. This ensures that we can continue to offer fresh designs and exciting products in the quality we are used to in the future.

In recent years the HIGHSIDER product development team has grown considerably. All four team members are passionate motorcyclists themselves and can therefore put themselves perfectly into the shoes of their customers. Suggestions from customers, suggestions from our employees as well as needs and trends in the motorcycle market: All ideas come together in our product development and are processed there. The product development process ensures that these innovative ideas are quickly implemented in the form of a new end product. Thus, our product development offers our customers products that are state-of-the-art in terms of design, technology and quality.

Our customers are our daily fuel for innovative product development.

— Volker Eisele

Our Printers

Modern FDM and SLA 3D printers help us to create and evaluate prototypes very quickly. In addition, we have a modern CNC milling machine at our disposal with which we can produce prototypes from aluminium and other materials if required. These machines help to check product ideas both in terms of design and functionality.

Our Software

Modern CAD software is a prerequisite for modern products. Therefore we at Paaschburg und Wunderlich rely on a modern, integrated software package. This enables us to design new products, CAM/CNC processing of CAD models, FEA simulation and the creation of photorealistic renderings.

The test procedure

With our FEA simulation software we check mechanically stressed components before they are manufactured as prototypes. This procedure enables the optimization of the components – still in the design phase – and guarantees a very high product safety for our customers.

The practical test

Before the new product is added to our range, the practical test is of course carried out. Almost all of our employees – like our customers – are passionate motorcyclists. Therefore we always have a suitable motorcycle at hand to test the function and quality of the new products under realistic conditions.

Progress instead of standstill

The possibility to create modern, photorealistic images from the CAD model helps in the assessment of the later appearance as well as in the area of marketing. With this software module we also evaluate new surfaces and colors on new products. For example, the introduction of the new HIGHSIDER™ logo and the use of clear chamfers – as shown here in the CONERO handlebar end mirror – was quickly decided.