HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS PRO for Honda CBR 600 RR/ CBR 1000 RR, incl. license plate illumination


Adjustable license plate holder for Honda CBR 600 RR 03-06 / CBR 1000 RR 04-07, incl. license plate light (E-approved)

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HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS PRO license plate holder incl. license plate light

The license plate holder HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS PRO adapts perfectly to the lines of your bike by its design.

The model-specific bracket of the HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS PRO allows mounting on the original mounting points of your bike and thus a replacement without further drilling or cutting.
To prevent damage to cables, all sharp-edged feedthroughs are protected by a rubber membrane grommet.

The license plate is made of sheet steel and 2 mm thick. The precise cutting is done by laser. After edging still follows the weather-resistant black powder coating.
This ensures the optimal fit and durability.
Through the stepless adjustment you can bring the plate without drilling in the desired position. To keep the plate in this position, there is an additional locking screw.

The turn signal brackets of the HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS PRO are adjustable in width and thus suitable for any type of accessory turn signals. This adjustment option allows you to adjust the position for your turn signals to the most diverse license plates. To allow mounting of the turn signals without separation from the wiring harness, the 10 mm holes are slotted to the side.

Also the position of the reflector you can adjust individually via a slider. Adaptation to the different designs of EU license plates is therefore no problem.

To screw the license plate securely and reduce vibration are included two rubber washers. Another rubber buffer supports the license plate on its underside.

In this PRO version of the HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS is the very small, milled from high quality aluminum HIGHSIDER license plate light with mounting plate and support arm included. The bracket is adjustable in height and designed to allow mounting in the position required by law.


– model-specific bracket
– infinitely adjustable turn signal holder
– slotted turn signal holder for easy mounting without cable separation
– infinitely adjustable reflector, E-tested
– suitable for European license plates
– infinitely adjustable tilt angle
– additional screw for optimum position security
– easy fixation without further work steps (eg.e.g. drilling)
– easy mounting of the license plate through slotted holes
– license plate light incl. Holder included
– license plate light, E-tested
– infinitely adjustable license plate light
– many different options for mounting the license plate light

Included with the HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS PRO are:

– Model-specific bracket with mounting parts
– HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS license plate holder plate
– Adjustable turn signal holders
– E-tested reflector with adjustable holder
– E-tested license plate light
– Mounting instructions

– If side reflectors are mounted on your original license plate holder, they must be reattached in a suitable position or replaced with new ones.
– Special turn signal holders are optionally available for the original turn signals.

If you have not found a model-specific license plate holder for your vehicle, the universal license plate holders from HIGHSIDER, which are available in many different designs, are certainly a good alternative.

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