HIGHSIDER FRAME-R1 TYPE 11 7 inch LED main headlight


HIGHSIDER FRAME-R1 TYPE 11 7 inch LED main headlight, reflector black, asymmetrical insert, approved for right-hand traffic only, E-tested, piece.

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HIGHSIDER FRAME-R1 TYPE 11 LED main headlight 7 inch, E-approved
– Mounting WITHOUT housing, there goes a light. –

Every centimeter counts to place the headlight as closely as possible between the two standpipes in the fork. REDUCED TO THE MAX was the premise behind the development of the innovative FRAME headlight mount. With the purist aluminum ring, it is possible for the first time to mount different LED headlight inserts free-standing on the motorcycle. By deliberately dispensing with a headlamp housing, an unbeatably tight installation position is made possible and, in addition, better cooling of the LED unit is achieved. On many motorcycles, the H4 or H7 lamp lights up, more or less sparkling away. Seeing better usually also means being seen better at the same time, not unimportant when summer turns to fall and in times when cars are increasingly often equipped with bright daytime running lights. Whether to replace for better visibility at night, better visibility during the day, or to give your motorcycle a nicer look, if you’re looking for a stylish and innovative power headlight, the FRAME-R1 LED main headlight is an excellent choice. The installed LED daytime running light in TYPE 11 is the perfect way to improve visibility during the day. The ellipsoidal lenses combined with powerful LEDs turn night into day, combining a strong plus in safety with a polarizing unique look. The headlamp is available with a lower or side mounting.

Two different mounting systems are available for variable mounting of the spotlight.
– Side Mount, the conventional screw connection on the side of the lamp holder
– Bottom Mount, mounting below to the screw connection on the triple clamp

The side-mount holders can be mounted in three positions, thereby 32mm in the installation depth and 46mm in width are compensated.

– Round 7 inch headlight with CNC mounting ring and mounting kit
– Mounting WITHOUT a headlight housing
– Improves cooling
– Many installation options
– Flat installation
– Modern look, stylish-innovative
– Clear glass
– Reflector black
– The reflector emits an asymmetric, only for right-hand traffic approved, luminous flux
– High, low, parking and daytime running light function
– E-approved, nothing needs to be registered

Give your bike your distinctive style! The unusual design and perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes your bike a highlight in any case!

A diameter = 170 mm
GA diameter = 165 mm
I diameter = 160 mm
T = 60 mm
R = 9 mm
Total depth from glass to cooling fins: 99.10 mm

Power input: 3 pin connector
Black wire = ground (-)
White wire = low beam (+)
Blue wire = high beam (+)

Black wire = ground (-)
Brown wire = daytime running lights (+)
Gray wire = parking lights (+)

Scope of delivery: 1 piece.

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