HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED spotlight LTD TYP 8


7 inch LED headlight LTD TYP 8 with daytime running and bend lighting, E-tested. Available in different colours.

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HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED headlight LTD TYPE 8

– See and be seen! – For motorcyclists of paramount importance.

The installed LED daytime running light with position light in TYPE 8 is the perfect way to improve visibility during the day. The correct daytime running light switching on the vehicle is given without additional control boxes or switches, fulfils the regulations and simplifies the installation.

Thanks to modern LED lighting technology, huge advances have been made in the spotlight area. An LED bend lighting headlamp for retrofitting to motorcycles heralds the next evolutionary stage in vehicle lighting. The HIGHSIDER LED headlight with cornering light, offers clear advantages over a conventional headlight. The static cornering light activates an additional light when the motorcycle is tilted in a bend. Due to the improved illumination you can see more of the curve and what is behind it. The driver can better adapt to the conditions and situations and is safer on the road. Two ellipsoid lenses in combination with powerful LEDs turn night into day and thus combine a strong plus in safety with a polarizing unique look. The headlamp is protected by a high quality metal housing and is available in black with tinted glass or in chrome with clear glass. Of course, the HIGHSIDER LED headlight with daytime running light, position light and cornering light is E-approved.

To switch from daytime running light to low beam:
Press the high beam/light flasher button briefly (approx. 1 second) and release the button as soon as the low beam is active. Then the low beam is permanently active.

Stunning – give your bike your unmistakable style! The unusual design and perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series will definitely make you a highlight!

Diameter (at the same time hole spacing): 200 mm
Depth: 120 mm
Distance mounting holes – housing end: 75 mm
Headlight insert Ø: 178 mm

Side M8 x 1.25

Power input: 3 pin connector
Red wire = low beam (+)
White wire = high beam (+)
Black wire = ground (-)
Separate wire (round connector):
Red wire = LED position light (+)

Scope of supply: 1 piece

The included resistor is designed for the R nineT (2014), but may also be suitable for other vehicle models.
Through this resistor the parking light error message is prevented.

This headlight does NOT work in conjunction with the HIGHSIDER E-BOX TYPE 1. (item number: 208-200)

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